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BBS-SA, Best Bookkeeping Services SA

38 Miles , One Tree Hill SA 5114
From BAS reconciliation to data entry our contractors can take the stress out of that paperwork piling up on your desk. At BBS-SA we have affordable hourly rates or monthly packages. Our contractors can come to you or for a cheaper price bring your accounts in house, We keep you up to date and informed. Even a small business needs an experienced bookkeeper. We liaise with your accountant and will attend joint meetings if required. Make life easier for yourself so you don't have to go home after a hard days work and then worry about the pile of invoices or payments you have to make. MYOB Partner We can help you with Installations, upgrades, rollovers,data entry, training and support. XERO Partner Set ups, training, data entry, support RESCUE PACKAGES Working from a shoebox? Had a bad experience with a previous bookkeeper who wasn't qualified? Got a family member doing your books who think they know what they are doing? We offer prepaid rescue packages to get you out of trouble. THE PURE BOOKKEEPING SYSTEM Need to know where you stand with your accounts? How much time is billed to you? Bookkeepers that all have the same system? The Pure Bookkeeping System empowers you to understand your accounts, keeping you informed all the way through with quick and easy follow ups. All your bookkeeping needs are fulfilled in a timely manner. As all the bookkeepers are Cert IV or higher qualified and have all been trained in the Pure Bookkeeping System. REPORTS We offer specialised reports taking a lot of work from your Accountant. CONTRACTORS BAS accredited, Certificate IV or higher in bookkeeping,insured, professional, friendly and precise with over 10 years experience.