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Dixon Advisory Group Ltd has been named as Australia’s top self-managed superannuation fund(SMSF) administrator by AFR Smart Investor magazine in their 2011 survey. Dixon Advisory is one of Australia’s leading independently owned financial advisory firms. We help more than 15,000 families with their superannuation and financial affairs including over 4,000 with self managed super funds (SMSFs) with a combined asset base in excess of $4.0 billion. Founded by Daryl Dixon in 1986, today Dixon Advisory has the perfect combination of experience, innovation and energy. Dixon Advisory offers the following services: – Financial advice – SMSF set up and administration – Investment advice – Property and mortgage advice, including Australia’s leading property investment inside SMSF service. – Estate planning and other legal services – Insurance advice. We provide a comprehensive suite of financial services and we are the only major advisory firm that helps clients with detailed expert advice on self managed super, retail, industry and government super funds.
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